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Collection: The Aromatherapy Workshop

We invite you to discover the aromatherapy workshop with products that are very easy to use.

The Panacea Pharma laboratory develops all these products in Mauritius, they are then manufactured in France. The founders of Panacea Pharma are also the founders of the first scientific aromatherapy laboratory in France, Phytosunaroms. With this expertise, it was necessary to make the use of essential oils simple and safe in this regard, the creation of the Panacea Pharma laboratory was carried out in 2008.

Panacea Pharma is a complete range of essential oils and aromatherapy treatments that meet many expectations in terms of health, beauty and well-being.

We have chosen a range of finished products, properly dosed and scientifically tested, whose properties are clearly explained. 

Essential oils are a natural and effective answer to many ailments.

Aromatherapy responds to the need to maintain one's shape, cultivate one's well-being and create a healthy and soothing atmosphere.

Create healthy habits, we make your life easier!

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