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Bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar come from Mauritius. They are harvested and refined in the rules of the art to give the best flavor. In respect of the environment and of exceptional quality. 

This collection also offers vanilla paste, vanilla extract and vanilla powder.

Vanilla is an exceptional spice, it deserves a workshop. Its history is so rich in twists over the centuries.
Vanilla is the fruit of an orchid, it comes from Central America. Vanilla was discovered by the Spaniards at the beginning of the 16th century.
The pods were collected from wild orchids in Mexico. During the 16th and until the end of the 18th century, pollination was done by a small bee which unfortunately disappeared.
It was not until 1841 that a slave from Reunion Island Edmond Albius, who at the age of 12, managed on his own to find the mechanism to fertilize the flower of the orchid in the absence of the bee.
Since 1964, with the creation of the "Vanille Bourbon" AOC, Vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar like that from Mayotte, Mauritius and Reunion can benefit from the Vanille Bourbon appellation.

The fruit needs several months about 8 to 10 months to develop. Then each fruit is picked by hand one by one. It takes about 4 kg of green pods to obtain 1 kg of dry and fragrant pods.

Vanilla needs four important steps before it reaches our kitchens. Basic steps that will guarantee its unique fragrance and its conservation.

Scalding: to stop its life and fermentation, the pods are immersed in hot water (63 ° C) for three minutes.

Steaming: the pods are then placed in large boxes covered with linen cloth. They will dry out and turn black. This stage lasts half a day.

Drying: the pods are left to dry for 2 to 6 weeks in the sun at 65 ° C and then in the shade, alternately depending on the showers.

Crating: the time of ripening. The vanilla pods are put in wooden boxes and checked, turned regularly to assess the state of ripening. This step is essential to obtain quality vanilla.

The pods are then sized and marketed according to their sizes.

To collect the precious seeds, just split it lengthwise and scrape the inside with a knife. Never throw away the pod; it can be used to flavor milk or sugar.

Vanilla keeps very well in a glass jar with a lid in a dark, dry place.

There are a multitude of sweet and savory vanilla-based recipes, if you lack inspiration we will gladly offer them to you.





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